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Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Anchor

This beach umbrella provides a new and different design for your own beach side application, the Sand Grabber grants a new and exciting design that will make your competition easy. The metal Anchor will not only withstand the mph winds, but also keep your beach umbrella standing up to all sorts of dirt and sand.

Sand Grabber 10009 Beach Umbrella Anchor

This powerful Sand Grabber is top-notch for reaching thick layers of sand; even from low positions, the beach umbrella anchors using a non-toxic oil and water mixture, making it effortless to use. The Grabber is also strong for reaching thick layers of sand; even from low positions, this is an outstanding addition to your beach umbrella holder! The Sand Grabber beach umbrella holder can hold up to an umbrella, or other items, with no issue. The holder presents an extra-large auger grabber, so it can grip and hold the umbrella securely, the holder also provides a stand for uncomplicated storage. This beach umbrella holder is an outstanding solution for keeping your umbrella handy when you're not home, it is fabricated from five-pin Sand Grabber umbrella anchor, and can hold as many as you can. Looking for a versatile and non-toxic beach umbrella Anchor rod? Don't look anywhere than this Sand Grabber beach umbrella Anchor rod, this rod is valuable for use as an attach point for hanging or or to grab onto the Sand when swimming.